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Why settle for an inferior Aluminum Pulley Puller that will FAIL on you right in the middle of a pulley
swap, when, for just a few dollars extra you can have a Bullet Proof pulley puller made by BilletFlow.

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Testimonials (more to come) 


Thanks for the warranty of the Eaton blower pulley kit. We are up fitting 300 Roush superchargers kit to a smaller pulley. We did 150 kits before the tool wore out.

Again thanks for everything.

Frank Hoffman
Performance Assembly Solutions
Program Manager


I don't usually post things like this, but thought I should on this one. I bought a Kenne Bell Cobra pulley remover/installation tool a while back and haven't had much luck with it while installing pulleys. It removed them fine, but it was really a struggle installing them. I had some major troubles last week installing a pulley on my own Cobra, and it actually broke the Kenne Bell installation tool off in the snout of my supercharger.

A few days ago I bought a "new in the box" set of blue BilletFlow pulleys from a board member that wrecked his Cobra days before his pulleys arrived. Along with these pulleys was a BilletFlow pulley installer and removal tools. After struggling with the installation of my pulley, I tried the BilletFlow tool today and had the pulley on in a matter of minutes, with absolutely no drama...........

For anyone that plans to change Cobra/Lightning pulleys, this is a very good tool that works great and is worth it's weight in gold. I speak with a lot of Cobra/Lightning racers at the races I work, and I will definitely recommend this tool to everyone that doesn't already own one. I have been building cars for 20 years, and I am rarely impressed with a "new" tool........but this is an exception. 

Tim Stockwell
NMRA Tech Official
ProMedia LLC


Funny thing happened to me recently.......I was pulling a 03' cobra blower pulley off and the aluminum puller I was using failed and broke.  I had just received a new puller from BilletFlow, so I pulled it out of the box it was shipped in and gave it a try.  Talk about no comparison!!!!!!  It pulled the pulley off so easily, I though something was wrong!!!!!   None of the drama of hoping the pulley would come off without problems......it came off like nothing!  And the installer was perfect too. It uses a roller bearing to minimize friction so the new pulley was on in nothing flat!   I do this daily for a living so I need a reliable tool that I know will perform day in and day out without fail!   Thanks to BilletFlow for making such a fine product...the only one to own if you want to do it right the FIRST TIME!!!

Hermann Stolzenberg, president
Horsepower By Hermann


I bought a pulley puller from Doug. I used it approx. 10 times and it worked fantastic. I bent the puller on the last pulley. It was just a MFer to get off. I bent the puller removing it. I called Doug the next day and told him what happened. He didn't hesitate even a second. He said, "send it back and I will replace it." This is only the second one that has bent of 250 sold. The new one arrived just a few days later. It was even nicer than the original. That is just plain fantastic customer service.

Thanks BilletFlow + Dougie,

Lightning Larry


We have been using BilletFlow pulley removers in our ported supercharger program for 6 months now. To date we have easily removed and reinstalled over 400 supercharger pulleys for Lightning's and Cobras with the same puller. When we first started our large operation we tested several different brands of pulley removers and we found that nothing compares to the BilletFlow. Nothing even came close to the quality or ease of use. With our experience using this product, now we can remove and reinstall a supercharger pulley in less than 2 minutes. It’s a very high quality product that has never let us down.  

Brian Herron
Apten Performance



I received the pulleys, installation tool, puller tools this week. I removed/installed the blower pulley without a single problem...other than my strap wrench I couldn't find for an hour ;-) The installation tool and removal tools are just incredible quality! They are above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion. The pulleys went on without a problem and with the correct belt you had listed in your chart. The pulleys are beyond my expectations and are quieter than stock as well. You guys make the best parts out there! Sure hope you'll continue to come up with some more new stuff for the '03/04 Cobras! Looking forward to doing business with you again!


Tom Tate
2003 Cobra


Just used you supercharger pulley tool and pulley setup, the tool worked not only perfect but extremely easy. On hand during the process a friend was there who had done several other pulley swaps using different types of tools and watching me use yours was very impressed. Thank you very much for prompt delivery and excellent quality of tool and pulleys. With your pulleys (2.93 and idler kit) exhaust and tuned to 480 hp at rear wheels.

Thank you again


American Pride Automotive

Yorktown, VA



Pulley Puller, Install Tool and Hub Removal Plate --------- $209.00(includes FREE Hub Removal Plate)
Hub Removal Plate -----------------------------------------------------  $  2500
Install Tool -----------------------------------------------------------------  $  90.00

How it's used... Click here

BTW: Never try to use the pulley puller to remove an interchangeable aluminum pulley ring. Always remove the ring first, then remove the steel hub with the pulley puller with the hub removal plated in place.











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