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The Zone-5 performance MAFXtender™

For Enthusiasts:

If you're driving around in a big-HP car with a "pegged" stock MAF and you've been told that it's safe to do so......you might be in for a big surprise ($$$$)! Even if your air/fuel ratio was optimized on a dyno, when the environmental conditions differ than those on the day that your car was tuned (i.e. altitude, humidity, temperature = density variations) your air/fuel ratio can become overly rich or even worse DANGEROUSLY LEAN potentially leading to a damaged motor.

The MAFXtender™, when coupled with your stock MAF, can give you the range that you need to keep your PCM in complete control of the air/fuel mixture while your engine makes big horsepower. Please note that use of the MAFXtender™ requires retuning of your vehicle.

For Tuners:

Are you tired of aftermarket mass-air meters with poor repeatability and even poorer reliability? Does it take you hours to tune in a customer's aftermarket mass-air meter? Now you can couple our new MAFXtender™ with a stock Ford MAF and extend the range significantly while maintaining PERFECT drivability. For example, a 90mm MAF from an '03/'04 SVT Cobra can support between 450-500rwhp before outputting 5.0volts. When coupled with the MAFXtender™, this MAF can now support approximately 800rwhp by the time it outputs 5.0volts.

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CLICK: MAFXtender_Installation_Revision1.4.pdf



and for use with '03/'04 Cobra 90mm MAF download the following conformance table:


CLICK: 03CobraMAF & MAFX Conformance Table



and for use with a 90mm Lightning MAF download the following conformance table:


CLICK: 90mm LMAF & MAFX Conformance Table



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